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Course Overview:
Module 1 - Introduction to Property Investment:
Lay the foundation for success with expert insights and practical tips.

Module 2 - Psychology of Property Investing: Master the mindset of successful investors and overcome common obstacles.

Module 3 - Property Performance of Australian Markets:
How to look at data and identify profitable opportunities.

Module 4 - Property Finance:
Navigate the complexities of property financing and optimise your investment strategy.

Module 5 - How to Grow a Property Portfolio:
Learn advanced techniques for building a profitable property portfolio.

Module 6 - Location Selection - Hotspotting:
Uncover emerging property hotspots and capitalise on market trends.

Module 7 - Property Selection:
Gain insider tips for selecting the right properties to maximise your financial returns.

Module 8 - Building a House: Explore the process of property construction and ensure a smooth building experience.

Module 9 - Calculating Costs: Understand the financial aspects of property investment and minimise expenses.

Module 10 - Contracts:

Develop expertise in property contracts to ensure you protect your interests and make informed decisions.

Module 11 - Managing Your Risks:
Gain the knowledge to identify and mitigate potential risks, ensuring the safety and growth of your investments.

Module 12 - Personal Finance Fundamentals: Optimise your finances and accelerate your journey to wealth.

Module 13 - 7 Ways to Pay Off Your House Fast:
Learn effective strategies for reducing debt and increasing wealth.

Module 14 - Buying a Property with Your Super: Explore the opportunities and limitations of property investment through superannuation.

Module 15 - Your Property Investment Team:
Build a network of professionals to support your investment journey.

Module 16 - Levels of Wisdom About Debt: Gain insights into debt management and leverage it to your advantage.

Module 17 - Making Your Plan:
Develop a personalised roadmap to achieve your financial goals.

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Wealth Through Property
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Discover proven strategies to build wealth by investing in property.

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Uncover the secrets to generating passive income and growing your wealth exponentially.

To achieve financial freedom:
Gain the knowledge and confidence to take control of your financial destiny. 

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Meet your course presenter - Daimien Patterson
 Introducing Daimien Patterson, a real-world entrepreneur and leading authority in property investment. Daimien left a successful career as an Army Officer in the Australian Defence Force to pursue his passion for helping others invest in property. With a wealth of experience and expertise, Daimien has authored numerous books on property investment, runs a successful property investment company, and is recognised as an expert in his field. 
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