One day of learning and enjoyment for FREE. Learn invaluable information and strategies which have helped  thousands of property investors.  

11 November 2023
Sydney Boulevard Hotel

Time: 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM

Lunch Included

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Here's What Our
Attendees Are Saying
Very interesting and informative. Daimien was friendly and engaging. Learnt heaps and was fun.
Very well presented. Lots of informative information.

Enjoyable training. Presentation was easy to understand. Worth the time.
Training was good and informative. Presenter was good. Great to listen to. 
I enjoyed it. Very informative. I would encourage everyone to come along.
Clear, inspiring and upfront!
What You Will Learn
  • You can’t save your way to wealth
  • Your retirement savings / pension / super is not enough
  • Learn to think like the wealthy 1%
  • The fluctuations of property markets
  • Understanding property finance 
  • Growing your property portfolio from scratch
  • Finding the right investment property
  •  Calculating the costs of acquiring a new property 
  • Property contracts
  • Risk management
  • Personal finance fundamentals
  • Paying off your house faster
  • The levels of wisdom about debt 
  • Building your team of experts
  • Starting your property investment journey 
As seen in
Daimien Patterson
Daimien  served in the full-time ADF from 1996 to 2010 and continues to serve in the Reserves. Whilst serving in the ADF he became a very successful property investor. Daimien grew up in the Western suburbs of Sydney. As the son of a single mother with four kids living in a working class community he went without many things as a child. He saw his mother struggle with money trying to raise four children and work full-time to support them.
This had a profound effect on him. It taught him to never take the things you have for granted, but also made him determined to never have to struggle like that when he had his own family to support. Daimien is now known as one of Australia’s leading Property Investment Strategists, and is the owner of Integrity Property Investment. Daimien set-up Integrity Property as a company with essential services to help others to gain financial freedom through property investment, not just by achieving average results, but by achieving awesome results!
The Smart Investors Guide to Fast-Tracking Your  Financial Freedom Through Property Investment   
The worst time to buy real estate is tomorrow because “tomorrow never comes”. Tomorrow is the procrastinator’s due date.
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Here's What Our Attendees Are Saying
Thoroughly enjoyed the presentation. Daimien was excellent, knowledgeable and engaging. Check it out! Definitely take the time, it'll be two well spent hours. 
My impression of Daimien was good. He sounds knowledgeable and genuine in this field. 
I found it really interesting and learnt a lot today about investing in properties. I really enjoyed the training. I also enjoyed listening to.
Daimien’s property training is definitely one you would want to invest your time in to understand and make the right choices before making a property investment. Informative, easy to understand and follow.
The training was excellent. Daimien is honest and upfront. This is refreshing for an investment presentation.
liked how the webinar was
structured and broken up in bite size learning. It was great to go through
the basic fundamentals of
investment properties and hit comes together.

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Don't leave your RSVP to the last minute - you might miss out.
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