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Safe As Houses ~ 2018 Edition

Not an ADF Member? If you’re new to property investment or looking to expand your current portfolio, this is essential reading.

Safe As Houses ~ ADF 2019 Edition

Are you a serving or ex serving ADF member? If so this is essential reading. Included in this version is an ADF chapter.

Unofficial ADF Property Guide ~ 2022 Edition

Essential reading for serving ADF members and veterans before buying a property!

Wealth Through Property ~ 2023

The smart investor’s guide to fast-tracking your financial freedom through property investment. Order your copy today for only  $37 plus $10 postage.

Client Success Stories ~ 2023

Empowering Stories about Property Investment!


It all starts with education. Many first-time investors don’t realise which decisions they’ll need to make that will affect their financial future in a BIG way. Avoid making mistakes in investing property by investing in your education first!


Don’t lose sight of your goal and waste valuable time and effort by doing the wrong things. If you’re serious about achieving success through property investing, stay focused and on track with a property investment coach.


We can support you on your property investing journey from the beginning through to the property management stage so you can feel confident and protected from the risks associated with property investment.

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Sydney, CBD

“The lightbulb moment was when you broke down the equity part of the home and how you can use that to invest and actually create an income stream…”

Springfield Lakes

“Great opportunity to learn more about something you’re not taught through school!”

Brisbane, CBD

“Sharp to the point, a lot of rookie mistakes I didn’t know I made… definitely speak to the experts before you do anything!”

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