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Integrity Property Investment Mentor

Daimien Patterson

Founder/CEO – Property Investment Mentor

Before becoming a property investment mentor, Daimien grew up in the Western suburbs of Sydney Australia. As the son of a single mother with four kids living in a working class community he went without many things as a child.


He saw his mother struggle with money trying to raise four children and work full-time to support them. This had a profound effect on him. It taught him to never take the things you have for granted, but also made him determined to never have to struggle like that when he had his own family to support.

Unlike most kids, Daimien moved out of home when he was sixteen. Staying at school to complete Year 12, he worked his weekends and school holidays as a labourer to support himself. Working as a labourer had another profound effect on him. Daimien quickly realised that the people working ‘physically’ the hardest, weren’t the ones making all the money. It was the ‘smart’ ones.  On completing school Daimien ‘ran away’ and joined the Army. He went on to serve for 14 years in the services, including operational tours in East Timor and Iraq. It was in the Army that Daimien’s love affair as a property investment mentor begun.

On returning from his overseas service he knew he had to do something smart with his deployment money. He looked at the share market and decided he couldn’t handle the volatility of it. He would have to deploy again to remote parts of the world and wouldn’t be able to check his stock prices every day. Plus he had seen many of his mates get burnt by shares. So he decided he would invest in property. But not just invest. With the memories of his childhood foremost in his mind and plans to start a family with his new wife, Daimien decided he was going to learn everything there was to know about property investment.

In the following years Daimien consumed all that was ever written or said about property investment, buying and reading every book and magazine, and attending every property seminar or event. Studying and then trying practically every strategy for himself, and in the process turning himself into an expert. When he made $260,000 in a single year from investing, he soon found others were coming to him for advice on how they too could profit from property.

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