🎫Your Success Ticket to Hassle-Free Home Transitions = Home Purchase or Sales Expenses Allowance🏡

Are you aware of the incredible benefits awaiting you through the Home Purchase Sales or Expenses Allowance (HPSEA)? If not, you’re missing out on a fantastic opportunity to make your home transitions smoother and more affordable. HPSEA is designed to ensure that serving your country doesn’t hinder your dream of owning a home. It’s all about reimbursing you for the expenses incurred in selling your current home and purchasing a new one when you’re posted to a new location. Whether you’re serving full-time or have previously been part of the ADF, HPSEA could be yours. Reservists qualify if they’ve been on continuous full-time service for a year or more.
Here’s how it works:

  • 🔄 Sell-Purchase-Sell Cycle: HPSEA operates on a cycle, allowing you to claim back costs associated with both selling and buying a home when you’re transferred.
  • ⏰ Time Limits: You have two years from the date of your official posting notice to sell your home and four years from the start of duty at your new posting location to purchase a new one.
  • 💰 Claim Reimbursement: Once you’ve completed an eligible purchase, you can claim reimbursement for various expenses, including agent’s fees, conveyancing fees, mortgage fees, and select government fees.Here’s a real-life example: I discovered HPSEA and decided to take action. I ended up claiming one HPAS and two HPSEAs, resulting in a whopping $45,000 reimbursement. Trust me, it’s worth exploring these entitlements!

    Your Ultimate Guide 🏡💼. Defence Home Ownership Assistance Scheme
    Are you ready to level up your homeownership game? Let’s dive into the Defence Home Ownership Assistance Scheme (DHOAS), your secret weapon for paying down your mortgage faster and securing your dream home.

    Here’s a breakdown of what DHOAS entails:

    Loan Subsidy: To access DHOAS, you need to meet certain criteria, including serving in the ADF for a qualifying period and accruing a Service Credit. The subsidy is based on your total years of ADF service and is calculated on how much you borrow, up to the subsidised loan limit.

    Three Tiers: DHOAS consists of three tiers based on your length of service. The subsidy you receive depends on your tier, with Tier 3 offering the highest benefits.

    Monthly Payments: The subsidy is calculated on 37.5% of the interest incurred on your eligible home loan amount, over 25 years. The amount you receive each month depends on your home loan balance and tier.

    Financial Benefits: For instance, if you’re on Tier 3, you could receive $1,042 per month, which adds up to over $200 per week. Imagine pairing this with rental income – it’s a powerful wealth-building strategy.

    Maximising Benefits: To make the most of DHOAS, consider waiting until you reach Tier 3 before claiming, ensuring you receive the full rate without burning through your subsidy too soon.

    ⏭️How To Own A Home Sooner ⏭️Get twice as much DHOAS!
    Owning a home is a significant milestone, and we understand the importance of making this dream a reality sooner rather than later. That’s why we’re thrilled to inform you about a fantastic opportunity to double your DHOAS subsidy through our program. If you’re purchasing a property with another serving member, you could be eligible to receive twice as much DHOAS subsidy. Imagine the possibilities and the accelerated path to owning your dream home!

    Here’s how it works:
    ⏭️🏡Qualifying Conditions: Both you and your co-buyer must meet the qualifying conditions for DHOAS subsidy.
    ⏭️🏡Apportioning to DHOAS Home Loan: After meeting the eligibility criteria, ensure that your subsidy is apportioned to the DHOAS Home Loan.

    By taking advantage of this opportunity, you can significantly increase your DHOAS subsidy and move closer to your homeownership goals.

    Don’t let this opportunity slip away! Contact us today to learn more about how you can double your DHOAS subsidy and own your home sooner.

    “See you on the other side!”🫡

Daimien Patterson

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