Here’s the BIG secret to success in property investment. This one tip is going to make you hundreds of thousands of dollars more than you were probably going to make before you read this! Seriously.

The big secret is to buy where it’s booming! There it is. Simple as that! Seems obvious, doesn’t it? 

The number one mistake most investors make is to buy their investment property near where they live. Be honest! Where have you been looking until now? Where have you looked in the past?

There is always somewhere in Australia that is booming at some time. Don’t buy the house around the corner just because ‘it is close by’ and you want to ‘keep an eye on it’. That’s an emotional decision, not an investment decision! Besides, that’s why you hire a rental manager to manage it for you. It’s their job to ‘keep an eye on it’. 

For all the years that we have studied real estate investing, we have gone around and around looking for that one key secret to success. And sometimes we feel like such idiots for wasting our early investment years on buying in the wrong spots.

This is now a good point to insert a word of warning. When looking for an investment property beware of your local real estate agent and any property investment firm that tries to sell you a property ‘nearby’. Unless of course on the rare occasion, you actually live in Australia’s #1 boom location at that time! 

They will give you a very convincing presentation about how their properties make excellent investments – of course, they will. It’s their job to tell you what you want to hear so they can sell you the property. 

Always be wary of anyone trying to get you to buy a local property that they have already got listed for sale. They could have a conflict of interest, don’t you think? Work out where you want to buy first, and only then look for properties in those areas.

The quickest way is to ask property investment experts like us. But if you’re going to go somewhere other than us, make sure they are independent, do their own research, and aren’t just a ‘wolf in sheep’s clothing’ who are just trying to flog some development. If they sell their own properties, where do you think they are going to tell you to buy? Right where they are building of course! 

There are very few property investment companies like ours in Australia that are truly independent and loyal only to you, but they do exist. 

It really is a full-time job just keeping up to date with the state of all the different property markets across Australia, so you really are crazy to try and do it all on your own. Save yourself the hassle and get some help from us!

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Stay close next I will answer that burning question: So How Do You Know Where It Is Booming? 

~Daimien Patterson

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