6/11 Risk 6: Natural Disasters!

Thank you for joining me for the next risk – Natural Disasters.

Quite simply…Before you buy, always check flood maps and never buy in an area prone to natural disasters like cyclones or earthquakes

It’s also important to check what your building insurance covers and ensure your landlord insurance covers loss of rent due to natural disasters.

Again, it’s worth highlighting the importance of a cash buffer to get you through this period if a disaster does occur. If you do find yourself with a property in a cyclone area, make sure the property is built to cyclone code.

I hope you are finding this information useful. I wish I knew all of this before I started my property investment journey!

If you need help with finding a property where all the risks have been excluded, give my team a call or email 1300 372 677 or info@integrityx.com.au

See you for the risk of Fire next🔥

~Daimien Patterson

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