9/9 ADF Entitlements – Claiming a DVA Compensation

I hope you have enjoyed this series on your ADF Housing Entitlements and how to use them.

Today we finish with DVA compensations. If you were hurt in any way during your service with the Defence Force, you are entitled to a DVA compensation lump sum.

Just as a civi would get lump sum compensation if they trip and bash their head on the corner of a desk, you get lump sum compensation too.

However, when you’re in Defence you might want to conceal some minor injuries that might cause you to miss out on any posting or formations until you retire.

There are injuries that you can claim for while still serving, such as tinnitus, also known as ringing in the ears.

If you’re trying to buy a property and you’re slaving away saving for your deposit, you may be missing a quick shortcut here.

If you’ve got a few compensation claims to make, it’s worth thinking about and looking into the claims you could possibly make right now.

Remember that your goal should be to get the most out of DVA that you can. Not fraudulently of course, but legitimately.

You served the country and if you were injured or disabled in any way, you should be properly compensated for that.

Download our FREE Unofficial ADF Property Guide to find out what are the 4 steps of making a proper DVA claim.


Thank you for joining us for this series and we hope you have gained some useful information that will help you going forward.

Contact someone you can trust to help you with your ADF Housing Entitlements, call us on 1300 372 677 or send us an email at info@integrityx.com.au

We will empower you through education and coaching.

~Integrity Team

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