A Once-in-a-Generation Boom

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Exciting news from the Australian property market! Recent analysis reveals that property prices have soared in numerous locations, with some areas witnessing a staggering doubling in prices over the past four years.

A Once-in-a-Generation Boom

The market conditions during the pandemic triggered a “once-in-a-generation boom.” This surge in prices has been primarily fueled by historically low borrowing costs and shifts in lifestyle preferences.

Top Price Growth Locations

Adelaide suburbs lead the pack in terms of price growth, with areas like Elizabeth North (+151%), Davoren Park (+142%), and Smithfield Plains (+132%) experiencing remarkable increases.

In Western Australia, Camillo (+114%) and Armadale (+105%) witnessed substantial growth, while in Queensland, Mount Coolum (+113%) on the Sunshine Coast and Hope Island (+103%) on the Gold Coast saw remarkable price surges.

Even in regional areas, property prices have soared. Warracknabeal in regional Victoria saw a staggering increase of 105%, while in regional NSW, Ashmont experienced a growth of 116%.

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