A&I Disease. What does this mean?

People often ask me why they should use my company and not simply do it all on their own. My answer to them is that you’re going to pay for your education one way or another. I tried to do everything on my own, not actually knowing what I was doing and I learned my lessons the hard way. I call it arrogance and ignorance disease.

You think you know what you’re doing, but you really don’t because you don’t know what you don’t know. It’s not a matter of simply going out and buying yourself an investment property. There’s a lot more to it than that. The secret is in these two things: capital growth and cash flow.

Where are you going to get the most capital growth for your investment? How do you know where the next boom is going to take place? That’s why I employ a team of full-time experts
to research and gather all this information for our clients. Do you know that there are nine factors that go into the cash flow of a property? These nine different factors will determine
the bottom line of whether or not the property is going to make you money.

I see people often making rookie mistakes or missing big opportunities for capital growth because they don’t have all the knowledge and don’t trust anyone to help them. They won’t be honest with themselves about just how little they know about what they’re doing.

There are two ways to do something competently:
1. Go and get an education and spend years training to get to that level of expertise; or
2. Find someone who’s already done it successfully to do it for you.

We get help every day in other contexts. For example, if you’re sick or hurt, you go to the doctor. You wouldn’t try to perform surgery on yourself, would you? Yet some people are buying investment properties completely blind without assistance. It’s just madness! It’s arrogance and ignorance to think you can do it better. Rather get some help to ensure that you’ll be successful and avoid completely avoidable problems.

If you want our help, go to www.integrityproperty.com.au

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~Daimien Patterson

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