Buy where you are posted? OR buy where it is BOOMING?

You’re likely curious about the best approach to homeownership. Let’s simplify things and recap the key considerations from our previous emails:

1. Is it Booming Where You’re Posted?
If your current posting location is experiencing a property boom, it’s a green light to consider purchasing a home there. If not, it might be wise to hold off on buying.

2. Are You at Tier 3 DHOAS?
If you’ve achieved Tier 3 status in DHOAS, you could contemplate buying a property. If you’re not there yet, consider waiting a bit longer until you reach Tier 3.

3. Have You Completed 20 Years of Service or Plan To?
Whether through full-time service or in the reserves, completing 20 years of service is highly recommended.

The ultimate answer: Always buy where it’s booming! Utilise your entitlements when posted in a thriving location.

Remember, this is a “business decision.” You might benefit more by investing elsewhere now and reserving your entitlements for the perfect posting at the right time. As an ADF member, you possess a golden opportunity that many others don’t. Some civilians are strategically building their property portfolios without these extra advantages. Make wise use of your unique advantages.

Your work income is precious, and your passive income is your ticket to fun and freedom. Avoid squandering your hard-earned income on fleeting pleasures. Instead, invest in tangible assets. This way, you can create a passive income stream for leisure and extravagance, enjoying the finest that life has to offer.

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~Integrity Team

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