Caring Family or Dream Barrier?

Similar to our previous Wealth Through Property email, caring family members are often the reason I see people pull the plug on investing in property. It’s wonderful to have a caring family, not everyone is that lucky.
However, when it comes to your property investment plans, goals and dreams, you might rather want to keep them to yourself.

I’ve seen many times where a new property investor will be ready to take the first step when all of a sudden things come to a grinding halt. When we get to the truth of the matter, I find out that they’ve opened up to a family member who has in turn discouraged them from moving forward.

Even if you know that you’re making the right choice, financially, and all the numbers are stacking up, it can be hard to move forward with your property investing journey once you come up against family. Here’s why…
● They just don’t get it.
● They’re afraid of you failing or getting hurt, but they don’t understand why it won’t happen.
● You really want to take their advice out of respect for them.
● You want to avoid conflict and keep the peace.
● It might make you uncomfortable to try and achieve wealth and success beyond that of your family’s current level – it’s easier to self-sabotage.

Here’s the thing: unless they are a successful property investor and understand wealth creation, it’s better to keep them out of the loop. If they had the same knowledge and education as you,
they’d be cheering you on instead. Don’t let caring family members stop you from making the choices that you know will bring you success as a property investor.

Stay tuned for more daily insights from Wealth Through Property.

~Daimien Patterson

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