DVA Compensation. How it could change your financial future

Did you know that if you were injured during your service with the Defence Force, you are entitled to a DVA compensation lump sum? This lump sum compensation is similar to what civilians receive for injuries.

The Hidden Shortcut to Your Property Purchase
If you’re diligently saving for your property deposit, you might be overlooking a quick shortcut. If you have compensation claims to make, it’s worth considering and delving into the claims you could potentially file right now.

Your goal should be to maximise your DVA benefits legitimately. You served the country, and if you were injured or disabled in any way, you should receive proper compensation. Here’s what the process of making a proper DVA claim entails:

Step 1: Choose Your Advocate

Step 2: Identify ALL Possible Conditions

Step 3: Get ALL Diagnoses

Step 4: Submit Your Claims

Please note that the information above is based on my personal experience and is not professional advocacy advice. Join our upcoming webinar, where we’ll delve deeper into the process of claiming DVA compensation.

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