Fortune favours the informed investor. Leave luck to the rest!

Do you know that often people say to us “you just got lucky”?

Do you know how offensive we used to find that? We have spent the greater part of our adult lives studying and practising property investment. Well, you should get ready for it too! Because once you become a successful property investor, people are going to say you ‘just got lucky’ too.

These days though we don’t worry about it, because we have a good answer for them.

Now we say “YES, you do need to be LUCKY”.

What you need is:

  • Labour
  • Under
  • Correct
  • Knowledge

It’s not about luck; it’s about gaining knowledge and taking action. If you do those things you will succeed. If you don’t, you will fail. It’s really that simple.

Expanding your empire. Buy that first property 🏠
Embarking on the journey to build your $2 million property portfolio is an exciting journey, but every successful journey starts with a single step. Here are the steps to expanding your empire:

Step 1: Buy That First Property🏠
The initial hurdle lies in acquiring that first property. This step is crucial as it sets the foundation for your entire empire. Let’s delve into it further.
Picture this: You’re ready to take the plunge and invest in your first property. You identify a promising opportunity, valued at $400,000. To make this dream a reality, you secure a 90% loan amounting to $360,000 from Bank “A.” This initial investment serves as the cornerstone of your empire, paving the way for future growth and prosperity. With determination and strategic planning, you’re on your way to realising your $2 million portfolio vision.

One becomes two: Maximising your potential 🔄
You’ve conquered the first hurdle and now it’s time to leverage your success. With the value of your first property now at $500,000 and a rent increase, opportunities are knocking at your door.

Step 2: One Becomes Two🔄
Now we know that the banks will lend us up to 90% of the value of a property so our new “90% line” is at $450,000. So if our mortgage is only $360,000, we have up to $90,000 in available equity we can access to get us to our next property. Now we simply go to Bank “A” and ask for a second loan of say $60,000 against the first property. We can afford extra debt on that property because we are now receiving more rent. We use the cash from that loan to pay the deposit and costs on our next investment property.
Then we ask another lender “Bank B” to give us a loan for 90% of the new property. So one property has now become two without using any of our own cash – as easy as that!

Exciting times ahead as you take your next big leap closer to expanding your empire! Join one of my weekly webinars for more free knowledge!

~Daimien Patterson

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