Mastering your mindset. The 🔑 to Successful Property Investing

Hello Property Investors,

Before we can dive headfirst into the topic of property investing, we need to look at the psychology behind it first. There are many factors that affect the way we think about money and investing and a few mindsets that need to be shifted in order to achieve success.

Competence = Confidence

In the Army, I was in the Artillery and a common saying we have there is “competence equals confidence”. The relationship between competence and confidence can go both ways. If you’re not confident about doing something, it’s likely because you’re not competent in it. Conversely, if you’re not competent in something, you probably lack confidence in your abilities.

If you’re terrified by the prospect of buying an investment property, that’s normal. It’s usually half a million dollars to buy a property, which can be scary. Here’s the thing: would you trust a heart surgeon with your life? Possibly, yes. Why? Because they have gone to medical school and spent years learning and gaining experience on how to be a heart surgeon. They only treat patients and perform surgery because they are competent and have confidence in their knowledge and skills.

If you’re nervous about property investment, that’s okay. It’s perfectly normal. Just like the surgeon, you need to invest some time into learning and growing your knowledge on the topic. The great news is that you’ve come across this book (order below) and by the time you’ve finished reading it, you will have the knowledge on how to invest and manage risks, as well as where and what to buy. Most importantly you will learn that of all the possible investments, property is probably the safest and most conservative form of investing and arguably the most effective.

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Stay tuned for more daily insights from my book, Wealth Through Property.

~Daimien Patterson

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