Is Money Really Evil?

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Let’s talk money mindset for a bit. Because if you want to do well in property investing, this is one of the first things you need to examine to remove anything that might potentially block you from achieving your goals.

Throughout your life, you’ve probably heard a lot of things about money. How comfortable you feel about making money, especially through a passive income source like property, is going to depend a lot on your history, the people who surround you, and who you grew up around (especially your parents!).

“Money is the root of all evil.”

You might have heard that one a few times. Think about where you’ve heard it. Who said it to you? Did you believe them? Do you believe that now?

I find that anyone who repeats this phrase tends to be poor, and they say it so that they don’t feel so bad about themselves. But here’s the thing… money itself is not evil. You see, money is necessary for a whole bunch of things that are actually hugely positive and good, like…

  • Educating your children or even yourself
  • Getting good healthcare
  • Travelling the world
  • Helping charities
  • Having some recreational toys or hobbies
  • Spending quality time with your family

Most of us would agree that all of these things are pretty important for a contented life. They’re all pretty good things, right? But they all need money.

Wealth is the ability to fully experience life.

  • Henry David Thoreau

Once upon a time, people used to make their own clothes, keep their own livestock, and farm their own food. They had to do everything for themselves. Then we introduced money, which was actually a hugely positive thing, because now, instead of doing everything, people can focus on building their skill in one key area, and exchanging that skill for money. The money they earned could then be exchanged for other goods and services. It’s a brilliant system, don’t you think?

If you think you don’t need money, don’t be surprised if your life isn’t taking a very successful path.

It’s time to start accepting that money is necessary, and money is good. It’s time to start getting comfortable with the idea of wealth and making money from a passive income source such as property investing. It IS good and it’s necessary for your family’s future!

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