My Property Investment Tip #18

My Property Investment Tip #18
Consistency Is The Secret To ALL Success.
Today is the 24th of January 2021.
It’s also the 24th day in a row that I have been to the gym and done 20mins of cardio followed by an all body circuit.
What’s this got to do with property investment?…
Well the older I get. The more experienced I get.
The more I believe that CONSISTENCY is the secret to property investment (and everything else).
Think about it… think about your past successes.
In everything you have ever been successful in you will find that you consistently executed certain behaviours that put you at the top of that game.
You trained consistently.
You studied consistently.
You built and maintained relationships consistently.
You turned up consistently.
It’s not necessarily about hard work.
You don’t have to flog yourself in the gym. You just have to turn up consistently.
So what behaviours are necessary to be successful in property investing….
Well start with consistently saving money into your wealth account.
What if you had saved 10% of your pay cheque religiously without fail since your first job. How much cash would you have now? Take a moment to do that math.
Then, what if you every time you got to enough money for a 10% deposit + costs for an investment property, you bought one. How many properties would you have now, from purely saving deposits alone? And how many would you acquire over your life time? Take a moment to do that math.
Now imagine what would have happened if every time you bought a property, you consistently studied which market was booming and bought that property there. How much capital growth could you have earned by now?
And then if you accessed some of that equity to buy even more properties on top of the ones you’re buying with cash deposits from the 10% you consistently saved.
Have you started that behaviour yet?
Do it right now. Open an account to act as your wealth account and set-up an auto transfer for 10% every pay day.
Start there.
Is this good stuff???
(It’s important to me that these tips don’t suck ?)
– Daimo

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