The Property Market Will Crash💥. No, it will not!

We hear these phrases time and again:

“The property bubble is going to burst.”
“The real estate market is on the verge of collapsing.”

I am pleased to inform you that it is all purely hype. The Australian property markets are not going to crash, collapse or burst. These phrases are simply a product of sensationalist media, designed to draw you in to keep you “in the know”.

If Australia had a “property bubble”, it would have burst during the Global Financial Crisis in 2007-2008, but it didn’t and instead attracted investors from across the globe.

What you need to know right now is that there are many property markets across Australia and prices are naturally going to fluctuate at different times. Property prices are linked to supply and demand and will naturally fluctuate and correct over time. This is why property investing is a long-haul game and you should hold onto your properties as they go through many of these fluctuation cycles. There’s no need to panic about the market suddenly crashing.

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~Daimien Patterson

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