Top 3 Pathetic Excuses for not Owning an Investment Property

Top 3 Pathetic Excuses for not Owning an Investment Property

Are you holding off investing in your first property? If so, why? Are you making excuses that are preventing you from taking action? If so, today’s blog is all about delivering you a touch of much-needed reality.

Excuse #1: I Can’t Afford It

The classic excuse. These people are all talk. If you’ve been telling yourself (or other people) that you can’t afford to buy an investment property, you need a truth bomb…

You can’t afford not to get an investment property.


Don’t rely on the pension of your superannuation. The pension for a single person is $888 per fortnight right now. And superannuation, which sits at 9.5% of your income right now, really needs to be 25% if it’s actually going to fund your retirement. Ouch!

The truth is, if you want to maintain the income you’re on now when you’re retired, you need to be investing. So, why invest in property? Well, you could invest in shares, sure, but it fluctuates like a yoyo and your leverage option are limited. Residential houses in capital cities are where it’s at. There’s a good reason why banks will lend you such a high ratio of your investment portfolio – because they know it’s a safe investment that won’t go wrong over time.

And really, are you absolutely certain you can’t afford an investment property? If you own a property already and it’s got equity in it, you can likely purchase another investment property right now with no cash of your own. And if you don’t have a property yet, make that first deposit your #1 priority. Most people can and will be able to save the deposit within a year or so if they really try.

Excuse #2: I’m Focusing on Paying Down My Mortgage

So, you’ve got a mortgage already, and your #1 focus is to diligently pay it off as quickly as you can, then once that’s all sorted (in a few decades’ time), you’ll start investing in property.

Newsflash: you’re doing it wrong!

If your goal really is to pay your mortgage off as quickly as you can, there is a much better way. You will make money much faster through investing than slugging away at your day job. If you are just working, then putting any of your disposable income towards your mortgage, it’s going to take you forever. Instead, why not invest, make your money, and then pay your mortgage down in lump sums?

So, why hasn’t anyone taught you this?

Well, most Australians grew up with parents who told them that the best plan was to buy a house and pay it off. Chances are, you grew up in the lower-middle class. But if you want to become the 1% and grow your wealth, you have to start thinking and acting differently!

Excuse #3: Money Won’t Make Me Happy!

Are you holding off on buying an investment property because you don’t feel as though you want or need more wealth? Maybe you’re not comfortable with the idea of having more money?

Well, let’s think for a second… money can buy you the following:

  • Donations to charity
  • Time to pursue hobbies
  • Time off work spent with your loved ones
  • The best healthcare
  • Travel
  • A home that meets your needs
  • The best schools for your kids

Would being able to afford those things make you happy? Perhaps. But one thing’s for sure, a lack of money and not being able to afford the things you need (let alone want!) is going to make you miserable!

So, where does this “money won’t make you happy” saying even come from? It’s not much more than a cop out that poor people say to other poor people so they don’t feel bad about being poor. This kind of mindset isn’t going to serve you if you want to change your situation. Stop saying it, stop believing it, and stop other people from saying it too!

So, those are my top three pathetic excuses that people use to avoid buying an investment property. You can’t afford it? You can’t afford not to. You’re focusing on paying your house off? You’re doing it wrong! And money won’t make you happy? Yes, it will.

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Happy property investing,

Daimien J Patterson

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