📈 Why Property WILL Keep Going Up! Your Questions Answered

Have you ever pondered the remarkable transformation of those quaint ‘workers cottages’ nestled in inner-city suburbs across Australia? Once inhabited by low-income earners, these humble abodes are now sought-after by high-income professionals, driving property prices to astonishing heights. Below is a revealing map illustrating Australia’s population growth from 1960 to 2024. Despite the consistent landmass, the exponential rise in population underscores a simple truth: demand outweighs supply.

Figure: Land size vs. population growth in Australia, 1960-2024

It’s a classic case of supply and demand dynamics. As our population burgeons, property prices soar. Even amidst global crises like the Second World War and recessions, Australian house prices have continued to ascend. Dispelling the myth of a housing bubble, it’s crucial to note the evolution of mortgage terms. With extended loan durations and favourable interest rates, individuals can afford relatively pricier homes, amplifying competition for limited housing stock. Contrary to doomsday prophecies, Australia’s prudent lending practices shielded it from the cataclysmic market crashes witnessed elsewhere. Responsible lending by our banks ensured stability during turbulent times. Comparing property and shares, the superiority of property investment shines. With property, leveraging allows for substantial wealth accumulation, far surpassing the returns from the stock market.

Consider this: with the same initial investment, property investment can yield exponential growth, bolstered by high leverage and safety backed by banks’ confidence in the property market.

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Ask yourself this question: Do you make money while you sleep?💤💰 Everyone dreams of having a life where they don’t have to work to make money. The interesting thing is that if you own a home, you ARE already making money while you sleep! In fact, if you think about it, for most people, their home has made them more money than any other investment they have ever made! The only problem is that you cannot spend that money without selling your house or increasing your mortgage. But what if you create a situation where you can cash in on that phenomenon without selling your house or increasing your mortgage? The way you do that is simply by buying other properties!

You see, the answer to all our money problems is literally under our feet! It is in real estate! 🏡 Houses go up in value. They always have and always will. Sure, there will be times when they go down a bit, but sure enough, they will go back up again and then keep on going. Why? Because the world’s population keeps growing, but the amount of land stays the same. It’s a simple ‘supply and demand’ situation. But it’s not all about money! 💖 Many people say that money is the root of all evil, and actually, we think they are right! If your only goal in life is to make money, then we would suggest that you will end up a lonely and possibly ‘evil’ person.

But what about the following goals? Are these evil?

  • Raise a family
  • Educate your children
  • Take the very best care of your health
  • Travel the world
  • Give to charity
  • Go boating, fishing, and camping

But what do they all have in common? Answer: You need money to achieve them! You either need the money to pay for them, or you need the time to do them, in which case you need money again so you don’t have to spend all your time working. Money is the common denominator. Money is a key enabler to a good life. 💪

So, if the goals listed above match some of your goals, keep reading these emails. Want to know more? Secure your spot for our weekly webinars.
~Daimien Patterson

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