How to Think Like a Seasoned Property Investor: Unveiling the Strategies

Imagine winning $500,000 in the lottery. What would you do with that money? This thought experiment not only excites the imagination but also offers a glimpse into the mindset of a seasoned property investor.

Exploring Common Choices with $500,000

Many would opt to pay off their existing home or purchase a new one outright—a decision often influenced by the advice of previous generations prioritising debt-free homeownership. While this approach sounds prudent, let’s delve deeper into its implications.

The Traditional Approach: Buying a Home Outright

Suppose you invest $480,000 in a property and allocate $20,000 for additional expenses like stamp duty. Over seven years, assuming stable market conditions, your property could appreciate to $960,000. Moreover, by saving $25,000 annually without mortgage payments, you could accumulate savings totaling $175,000, resulting in a net worth of approximately $1.135 million. This outcome appears promising, yet a seasoned investor might approach it differently.

The Investor’s Perspective: Maximising Returns

Seasoned investors distinguish between ‘Good Debt’ and ‘Bad Debt’:

  • Good Debt: Used to acquire assets that appreciate in value.
  • Bad Debt: Used for assets that depreciate.

Instead of investing in a single property, a seasoned investor would leverage $500,000 to purchase multiple properties, thereby diversifying and maximising potential returns. This strategic manoeuvre accelerates wealth accumulation, surpassing the conservative strategy of focusing on a single home.

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